Alternatives to halon 1301  


  FM200 HFC-227ea (CF3CHFCF3, FM200®) *  

  FM200® Approved by all the leading standard and certification authorities is a clean, safe, zero ozone-depleting and proven extinguishing gas. When designed and installed correctly it can meet the replacement criteria for existing halon 1301 systems.

  • A clean agent
    FM200® will extinguish fires at low concentration levels without residue which would be damaging to the equipment it protects.

  • Works quickly
    Correctly designed detection and suppression systems that are controlled by sensitive intelligent detection systems will recognise and suppress a fire well before significant damage results. FM200® systems are designed to discharge the agent and achieve the minimum design concentration within 10 seconds. This quick discharge can prevent serious loss occurring.

  • A very effective fire extinguishant
    FM200® systems are highly suitable for Computer & telecommunication areas Power generation Gas turbines Oil industry installations Marine installations

  • Safe for use in normally occupied areas
    People are able to breathe FM200® at extinguishing concentrations without fear of a health complications or risks.

  • Very low environmental impact
    With an ODP of zero (because chlorine and bromine are not present) the next concern is Global warming. FM200® has near zero emissions to contribute to global warming. The gas itself can be recycled and associated hardware reused making their overall impact to the environment - low.

  • Harmless for sensitive equipment
    Leaving no residue after discharge means no clearing up. Causing only a gentle reduction in temperature with the protected space.

  • Occupies similar space to Halon 1301
    Storage space required for cylinders is similar to Halon

  • Available to open system suppliers
    Although the manufacturer of the gas itself has closely controlled the approved component manufacturers, the agent is freely available within the industry to those who have demonstrated a commitment in terms of training and support service.

  FM200® Is manufactured by Great Lakes Chemical Corp., in the United States of America. They have a limited number of approved suppliers. These suppliers are the only sources available to the fire protection industry installation and system companies

  Great Lakes Chemical Corp. list the following organisations

  • Chemetron Fire systems

  • Cerberus and Cerberus Pyrotronics

  • Kidde Fire Systems and Kidde International and of course Fenwall are also owned by the same organisation

  • Fike Protection Systems

  • Hygood (now owned by Macron Safety Systems (UK) Limited ( A Tyco company)

* Registered Trade Mark of Great Lakes Chemical Corporation

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  FE13 is produced the DuPont chemical company. It is a gaseous extinguishant agent that is clean, safe, zero ozone-depleting, which leaves behind no residue to damage sensitive electronic equipment. It works at temperatures as low as -40ºC, and is also very suitable for applications which have high compartments.

  Typical applications would be:-

  • High ceiling areas within industrial or storage accommodation

  • Oil production platforms

  • Gas turbine enclosures

  • Low temperature applications

  • Gas / Oil processing equipment

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  Inert Gases  

  Extinguishing agents using Nitrogen, Argon and Carbon Dioxide.

  Health concern in relation to use of these types of agents is based upon the effect of having a reduced oxygen content within the protected space and that effect upon any occupants.

  There is an increasing acceptance that inert gases can be used in extinguishing concentrations without excessive risk to humans. However, this does not apply to carbon dioxide which is both toxic and a asphyxiant. Carbon Dioxide systems must be locked off whenever people are present in the protected room.

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  CO2 Carbon Dioxide  

  An extremely effective extinguishing gas that has been used for many years. It is best suited to more specialist applications such as:

  • Electrical switchgear enclosures

  • Low and High Voltage Transformer rooms

  • Marine applications

  • Industrial process applications include:

  • Paint spray cubicles

  • Flammable liquid storage areas

  • Process machinery

  • Generators and turbine protection

  CO2 is not generally considered to be an alternative to Halon 1301 and is not suited to normally occupied spaces. Although it is immediately recognised as a greenhouse gas contributing to global warming, the supply used in fire protection systems is generally a by product of another process and very little reaches the atmosphere.

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  Water based systems  

  Water based systems fall into two categories: Conventional sprinklers which are outside the scope of this site and new generation Fine Water Mist systems. The difference between the two in very general terms is the droplet size.

  Sprinklers produce droplet sizes of around 1 mm compared to water mist systems at 0.1 - 0.01 mm as the pressure rises. There are many different systems available to deliver the water mist to the risk area or equipment and their use on electrical equipment is not necessarily inappropriate.

  Other Extinguishants you may have heard about.

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  Aqueous Film Forming Foam is used extensively in portable fire extinguishers but is not a suitable halon replacement.

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  FC3110 Perfluorocarbon Manufactured By 3M Company. Very similar to halon in concentration and discharge terms. Zero ODP, long atmospheric life and high GWP.

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  A HCFC Blend Manufactured by North American Fire Guardian. An Extinguishing gas available as a transition substance - between Halon and the alternatives. No systems currently being installed. It had low ODP (compared to halon 1301) but needed higher concentration to extinguish fires.

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  HFC-236fa Hexafluoropropane. Manufactured by DuPont as a Halon 1211 replacement in portable fire extinguishers. Portable extinguishers requiring a streaming extinguishant gas.

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  HFC-125 Manufactured by DuPont.

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  HCFC-124 Manufactured by DuPont.

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  High expansion foam has been suggested as an alternative to Halon however the take up has been very low. It is a very effective means of fire extinguishing but requires some clean up.


  Dry power systems are very suitable for flammable liquid / chemical storage areas but are not considered as halon replacements.

  If you would like a budget price for the installation of a halon substitute, please complete the price request form.

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